Mimi Kids Ministry Uganda is situated in Eastern Uganda, which is currently known as the poorest region in Uganda due to various factors. Our ministry brings new hope as we encourage these children together with their families and communities by meeting their spiritual, social, and economical needs, hence positively transforming their lives and communities by God’s grace and provision. All of these children have gained courage and hope, as they move forward to reach their brighter future in the Lord.


Mimi Kids Ministry Uganda was founded by Tumwa Charles Ivan in 2012 in Bwhonda village in the Mayuge district. He was born into a poor and simple family where his parents and relatives were unable to provide or help each other with food, shelter, clothing, and education among other necessities. Spending a day without someone falling sick was a miracle. By God’s grace, a man came into his life who was not a relative and supported him through many of his levels of education. After school, he deepened himself in the ministry and followed God’s calling on his life in Children’s Ministry. He began sharing and supporting the orphan and needy children with the little that God provided. He continued doing this until April of 2019 when he officially registered with the government of Uganda as Mimi Kids Ministry Uganda Ltd. Tumwa Charles’s difficult childhood is what drives his passion of helping, sharing, teaching, and leading these children in God’s way and showing them love with action because he knows personally what it means to be born into and raised in a poor family.